Twin Falls Historic Places

In September 1974, viewed by television audiences around the world, Evil Knievel attempted to jump the 500-foot deep, quarter-mile wide Snake River Canyon on a steam-powered "sky-cycle." Though Knievel crashed on the jump (with his only injury being a broken nose), the ramp is still visible from the south side of the canyon and there is a monument commemorating that day at the Visitor’s Center. For several years after the jump, Knievel returned to Twin Falls to visit the site and remember the experience.

Just east of Twin Falls you can see the Stricker Rock Creek Station, which was built in 1865 as the first trading post along the Oregon Trail. Today, visitors can see the log house, two cellars, a cemetery and the 1901 Stricker home. The site features hands-on learning through exhibits and special events and is owned by the Idaho State Historical Society.