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Filer Idaho is a rural town at the intersection of U.S. Routes 30 and 93. While this city has a population of just more than 2,500 people, the homes for sale in Filer Idaho prove that this is a community worth considering.

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Buyers who purchase a home in this tiny western town enjoy the benefits of living among wide open spaces, while having the support of neighbors who believe in the ways of small town life.

Filer is largely a farming community, but people who live in this town love the fact that they can easily access communities with additional amenities and services, including Twin Falls Idaho, just 2 miles away.

filer city hallThroughout most of the year, Filer is a quiet city — which is just the way the residents like it. However, for a few weeks each summer that changes when the Twin Falls County Fair and Magic Valley Stampede Rodeo arrive.

The county fair is the highlight of the year for the farmers who will be competing in it, and it's a fun family event for everyone in Filer and the surrounding communities.

This tiny city was established more than 100 years ago, in 1906. Since then, it has remained an agricultural community that is committed to its residents. However, people should not mistake Filer for a static town. In fact, Filer Idaho real estate is in high demand among those who are interested in relocating to Twin Falls County.

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New residential construction is on the rise, with seven home developments built in the city in 2011 and eight home developments in 2012. Filer is the perfect compromise for people who want to enjoy everything that rural Idaho has to offer, while still being a part of a dynamic metropolitan area.

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