About Buhl Idaho

Buhl Idaho

The City of Buhl was founded in 1906 and is located in South Central Idaho, 16 miles west of Twin Falls, along the scenic “Thousands Springs” highway 30. Idaho is often referred to as the “Byway” state, with 31 scenic byways and highways that let you explore Idaho’s beautiful landscapes. Buhl is situated close to this scenic byway.

The City was named after one of the main investors, Frank H. Buhl of Sharon of Pennsylvania, in a Carey Act Project known as the “Twin Falls South Side project” which brought large-scale irrigation to the Magic Valley in the early 20th Century.

Buhl is best known today as the Trout Capital of America, with numerous hatcheries producing over 20 million pounds of rainbow trout that are shipped worldwide. With an abundant supply of water and a large wastewater treatment capacity the City of Buhl is focused on attracting more industry to make use of its significant new industrial capacity. 

The City of Buhl, Idaho, lies upon the old Oregon Trail, along the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway between Hagerman and Filer. Being situated in the heart of the Magic Valley, visitors have no shortage of choice of scenic walks and outings.

Buhl’s close location along the winding Snake River also offers plenty of activities to keep you and your kids busy throughout the year.  

Buhl IdahoIn the summer you can hike through Idaho’s beautiful national parks such as Sawtooth National Forest and Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge to name but a couple. Alternately you can run, bike, swim, fish or get a real thrill riding the whitewater free flowing water ways.

Idaho has the most whitewater in the lower 48 states and companies such as the Sawtooth Adventure Company or Mountain River Outfitters specialize in taking you on a ride that you and your kids will not forget!

In winter, you can taking the kids skiing, tubing or snowboarding at the Magic Mountain Ski Resort or the Pomerelle Mountain Resort.

The average temperature for the year is 50.0°F (10°C with the warmest month usually being July with an average temperature of 73.2°F (22.9°C) and the coolest month, January, with an average temperature of 28.0°F (-2.2°C).

Whether you are starting a family or looking to up-size to a larger home, Buhl homes should definitely be on your list to look into.