Twin Falls Shopping

Twin Falls offers three major shopping districts that include a major mall, smaller downtown shops, and a shopping center in between the two, which satisfy local consumers and vacationers alike. The Magic Valley Mall offers more than 50 stores and restaurants to choose from, including major retail stores such as Macy's, Sears, and JC Penney as well as stores that cater to more specific needs, like Bath and Body Works, T-Mobile, or Barnes and Noble. Come for the day to enjoy food, shopping (and a good workout walking the 413,000 square footage!), and stop by the Odyssey Theater next to the Shopko center to grab some popcorn and catch a movie.

Lynwood Shopping Center, which was the first shopping center in Twin Falls established in 1957, is the iconic place to go in Twin Falls if you are looking for the quality and comfort provided from locally owned shops and businesses. With ample parking and several shopping destinations to choose from, Lynwood Shopping Center is sure to please any customer.

Whether you are a local Twin Falls resident or a visitor, you can't miss what Downtown Twin Falls has to offer. Main Avenue is the heart of downtown life, full of quaint street stores, antique shops, art galleries, restaurants, salons, and much more! Not only will Downtown Twin Falls satisfy the shopper in you, but it also hosts many annual events including, but not limited to: summer concerts, Western Days, which celebrates the Western heritage of Twin Falls, and Oktoberfest. Be sure to come downtown on the first Friday of the month as this is when downtown shops and restaurants stay open longer. On First Fridays, Rudy's Gourmet Kitchen Store is definitely the place to come and enjoy food, live music, and some delicious wine and beer. Also, Jensen Jewelers, which opened in 1956, can't be missed as it is the #1 retailer of Elk Ivory jewelry in the nation and is an iconic store on Main Avenue in Twin Falls.

Don't miss out on these other great shopping venues in the Twin Falls area: