Logan Horrocks

Hello, my name is Logan Horrocks and I'm from Newport, Oregon.  I made the move to California, first, and then to Idaho after graduating high school to play college football and baseball. I then graduated college from Idaho State University and began my career as a teacher and coach. I love what the job offers because it gives me an opportunity to teach the youth and help prepare them for life after high school. I feel I was put on this earth to help others.

The drive I have to serve has led me to Real Estate. Nothing is more important to me than providing for my family. To be able to do that while helping others through such a stressful but incredibly important time in their lives is the reason I chose to do this. Being a teacher and coach, I love helping people and this is another opportunity I get as I help people not just find a house, but a place to call HOME.

There's nothing more special and comforting than living and raising a family in a place you can call home. Home is where you make it, right? I will do my BEST to make sure I make your experience in buying and/or selling a home as easy and smooth as possible. I'm excited for this opportunity and look forward to getting you to your next home.

Logan Horrocks



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