About Hansen Idaho

Located to the East of Twin Falls and Kimberly, is the quaint city of Hansen with a strongly community minded population of circa 1200. Hansen is a close-knit caring community that is best described by Kristin M. Beck M.Ed., the Hansen School Districts Superintendent: “We are fortunate to have a community that strongly supports our schools, and highly qualified teachers who take great care in educating our children.”

Hansen High School

The Hansen school district comprises of three schools, a preschool, elementary and Junior High School that serves over 400 students. The closest college within easy driving distance is the College of Southern Idaho which has over 5,000 students.

The most common industries in and surrounding Hansen include Manufacturing (20%), Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting (16%), Transportation and warehousing (11%) Construction (7%), Retail trade (6%) and Professional, scientific, and technical services (6%).

For those working in Twin Falls, expect a short commute.

Average temperatures in Hansen range from 20 degrees Fahrenheit in December/January to north of 80 degrees in the peak summer months. The average rainfall is just over an inch a month in the winter and less than 0.2 inches per month during the summer. For those of you who like snow, expect on average 10 inches of snow and often more per month in the winter.

There are plenty of attractions nearby to keep the kids occupied. For those looking for great snow to Ski, tube and board in the winter, check out the Magic Mountain Resort which is only 28 miles south of Hansen. You can rent equipment by the day and enjoy the cafeteria and lounge after a full day of activities with the kids. 

For some science inspiration, visit the Herrett Center for Arts & Science. Let your imaginations run wild as you gaze at the solar system in the newly upgraded Faulkner Planetarium or take a look at a planet in the Centennial Observatory.

And in the summer, relax at Nat-Soo-Pah with the kids in a large swimming pool equipped with diving boards, a 90 ft. long water slide and a game room.  

Be sure to check out available homes for sale in Hansen if this sounds appealing to you. Please call us on 800-455-1180 if you have any questions. We would be happy to tell you about our experience of the area having served families buying in Hansen, Twin Falls and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

South Hills near Hansen Idaho